Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Food!!!

Instead of buying the food from the store, which is dust-flavored crap that tastes awful, we are making all of Quincy's food for him. So far his favorite items are Butternut squash and yams. We also have tried pears, apples, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, cherries, lentils, and beets. The beets went over like a fart in church so we may have to make another run at those at a later time.

A growing boy needs his food!!


I love Butternut squash and always have. It's sweet and tasty and there are so many things you can do with it. Quincy loves it too. So the first thing we do is peel the squash. When peeling, you need to take off enough to get down to the orange flesh of the squash. If you don't, the food will be stringy from the little green stands that need to come out. After you peel it, cut it into small cubes.

We like to steam the food that we make and then puree it in the Cuisinart. I like the steamer basket that is round and pops out and fits into any pot. Put all the cubes into the pot and cover and let it steam over medium heat for 30 minutes. Be careful to turn the heat down - you don't need to have it at a rolling boil the whole time. If you don't turn it down you could have problems. I know a certain person who did this and forgot to turn down the heat and all the liquid evaporated, leaving squash residue to burn on the bottom of the pot. That was four weeks ago and the pot is still in mothballs as we speak. It will probably never be the same again...(wink, wink)

When the 30 minuets is up, I like to turn the heat off but leave thelid on for a while longer to make sure everything is fully cooked and nice and soft. When the squash is cool, transfer it to the Cuisinart along with a nice pat of unsalted butter for some fat (our doctor told us this is very good for him).

Once everything is processed and smooth, it is time to move the squash to ice cube trays for freezing. I have found that a ziplock bag works great to get the food into the trays. Just get the food down into a 1 gallon bag and then cut a small corner off one of the ends and you can pump the food into the trays without making a huge mess.

Check out this one:

Now you can cover the trays and freeze them. After, we take them out and label freezer-safe bags and put the cubes in them for storage. Instant, easy baby food.

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