Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Razor Clams!!!

Last weekend was Quincy's first trip to the ocean to hang out and dig for clams. We stayed in Westport on Saturday night and then dug for clams on Sunday morning. We were finished in about 45 minutes! Each person is allowed 15 clams but you have to take the first 15 you dig, regardless of size or if you broke them. We used clam guns to get to them so we only had a handful that were broken but they turned out just fine. Quincy was very much in shock and awe at the water, sand, and just scene as a whole.

Above is Quincy and I Sunday morning at Grayland for the razor clam dig.

Mike and Mary gunning for clams...They are about a foot and a half under the sand.

Elaine and Quincy. We thought Quincy looked like Ralphy's brother from "A Christmas Story" with his little suit on.

A surf board will be next...

Since Mike and Mary had clammed the day before we got there as well, they gave us their share of clams for a grand total of 60 razor clams...Which had to be cleaned. So I set everything up to be as organized as possible (insert joke about Jordan's organizational skills now) and get them done as fast as possible and into the freezer.

Here is a view of my operating room...

I started cleaning the clams at 9:30PM on Sunday night. I cleaned the first three clams and then looked at the bucket and put my hands down in it to feel and see all the clams...And at that point I knew I was seriously fucked and in for a long night but I had to get them done and into ZipLock bags! I ended up finally cleaning the last clam at 11:45PM. With clean up, I was in bed at 12:15AM. Then the alarm woke me up at what seemed like five minutes later. It was a great weekend and it was worth staying up and cleaning all of those because they are so good! Tonight we are having clam fritters for dinner (recipe will follow tomorrow) and I will report how they are.

To see smiles like this...You know you've had a good weekend!

When we did get home and settled down, we decided to have King salmon for Easter dinner in true heathen fashion and bail on the ham and lamb. Ham doesn't even hold a candle to this and I don't care what anyone says.

Quincy cleaned his plate...

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